a disclaimer

She is clearly angry. As soon as I pick up my phone she bursts out. ‘I find it incredibly annoying that you describe my client and me so recognizably in your article. I am so disappointed. You could at least have called me before doing this! And then I could have explained what really happened.’

I am startled and doubt myself for a moment. I spoke to the maternity nurse in this case. But it’s been a few weeks … were there 2 nurses helping in the family? 

While talking I realise that it wasn’t “her” maternity family. Very different part of town, and she was there 4 weeks ago. I had turned in my article 6 weeks earlier, and the magazine didn’t hit her mat until this week. When I explain this she is disconcerted. ´But … she says … it’s so similar to my clients situation’!

I try as much as possible to convey the daily experience of parents and care professionals. The idea is to make the situation recognizable, so you as a reader can empathize as much as possible with the experience of everyone involved. Clearly that was well accomplished in that particular article. And I hope it in this book as well.

If you think you recognize yourself or your client, but you did not read what is in this book beforehand, then your situation was not the source of the case study. If I have used your story in this book then you already know, because then you have proofread and given me permission to publish. And then I have your written permission too.

So if the situation appears familiar, then that is probably because it is a commonly occurring theme. And when in doubt do contact me!


This book was created without any sponsorship.

All the images I developed myself or had them made for my site and this book.